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Indomitable Fitness and Martial Arts 

Is More Than A Studio

We pride ourselves in providing a safe, inclusive environment to help take you to a better place physically, mentally, and spiritually. Our classes include activities such as IF Kickboxing +PLUS, Friday Grind, Personal Training, and a spectrum of martial arts disciplines, including Bruce Lee’s self defense system of Jun Fan Gung Fu/Jeet Kune Do and the gentle, balancing movements of Tai Chi.

An Effective, Efficient and Direct Martial Art

Perhaps you are looking for a way to protect yourself and your loved ones. Maybe you would like to get fit while learning a new skill at the same time. In either case, Indomitable Fitness has a program for you. Jeet Kune Do is an effective martial art developed by the legendary Bruce Lee. While training in this discipline, you will learn how to turn your attacker’s force against them, understand the ranges, learn our self defense flow between the ranges and build confidence while raising your fitness to higher levels.

IF Kickboxing +PLUS

Indomitable Fitness new Kickboxing +Plus Program will help you take your fitness to the next level, while providing you with a safe, friendly environment in which to train. Our trainers can help you reach your personal fitness goals while learning basic kicking and punching.

Personal 1-On-1 Training

People choose personal training in lieu of small group training for several reasons. It may be that you are shy about working out in front of other people. Maybe you just want the personal touch where the program is specifically designed to help you meet your fitness goals. Some people have even chosen personal training as there “Therapy” to get away for the crowd. Whatever the reason, the Indomitable Fitness Personal Training Program is all about you.

Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan (commonly known as Tai Chi) is an ancient Chinese martial art based on harmony and balance. Ancient teachings hold that that the universe was comprised of dynamic, interrelated energies; full/empty, male/female, hot/cold etc.  These energies, known as chi (or life force), circulate in all living organisms. When the circulation of chi is blocked, through stress, injury, poor diet and other interferences, health is diminished.  The practice of Tai Chi helps in the smooth and unimpeded circulation of chi. By bringing these energies into balance, and bringing oneself into balance with them, health and well being can be restored.

Group Training Programs

The Indomitable Fitness Small Group Training Program is an outstanding way for you to work out with a small group of like minded friends. EVERYONE has those days where you don’t feel like going to the gym or once you get there have trouble motivating yourself to get in a good workout. When you join the IF Small Group you will have friends looking for you to show up and motivating you to push through.

A Family Atmosphere

Somewhere between working beside classmates in your small groups, practicing Tai Chi forms or hitting the mitts in Martial Arts, and our activities outside of the studio, like our annual Making Strides Walk Against Breast Cancer, you will discover Indomitable Fitness has become more than just a place to get fit. You will build camaraderie and friendships with your classmates and discover you have found a second family, and a Physically, Mentally, Spiritually Indomitable You. Try finding a closer-knit group at your local gym.

Come Meet Us

If you’re looking to get fit, to build confidence, or to learn a new skill, and you are craving something different, come to the studio. Our door is open and your new family is waiting.

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