About Us

Indomitable Fitness?

Yes, “Indomitable” can be a tongue twister, it is long and can be misspelled. But we could not find a better description of the spirit of our fitness studio. It’s inspiration, Indomitable Spirit, is used to describe someone who has a very strong character, will not give up, cannot be subdued or overcome and will keep on trying. You get the point….

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” Mahatma Gandhi

Who Are We:

We are a fitness organization dedicated to helping you reach your personal Indomitable Fitness. It’s about your goals achieved, your feeling comfortable with yourself and more at peace. It is not about comparisons to others, but looking inside yourself. We offer several different programs to better insure a diverse, fun and results driven road to your next level of fitness….your Indomitable Fitness. We will guide you through your journey, build camaraderie and become better version of ourselves. It is a growth process for all involved. Most of our clients have achieved great results and continue to work with us for years….Family.

Our Mission:

To lead you to your next level of well-being by providing the resources, inspiration and camaraderie for you to achieve your ultimate mind, body and spiritual fitness in a fun and supportive environment.