Women’s Martial Arts Program


Indomitable Fitness/Centerline Jeet Kune Do recently started the Women’s Martial Art Program based on feedback we received . This Program is based on Bruce Lee’s effective, direct and efficient martial art Jeet Kune Do (JKD). It goes beyond the usual women’s self defense seminars. You will practice techniques and learn a system. You will build confidence and be more effective which comes with the structured practice. Additionally, you will experience a camaraderie with your classmates and an inner strength that comes with martial arts training.

The Women’s Martial Arts Program is challenging, but fun. It will push you, but inspire you. It will take your commitment, but it is an incredible journey.

Indomitable Fitness/Centerline JKD strive to provide our members with a comfortable studio to grow physically, mentally and spiritually. Each personal training and group session is designed to be a step toward your next level and personal goal. Contact Sifu DeRon for more information or just stop by!