Tai Chi Classes

Tai Chi Chuan

People practice Tai Chi for a variety of reasons. Some folks are concerned with improving balance as they age, others want a productive way of managing their relationship to stress and still others want to improve their martial skills.

Tai Chi Chuan (commonly known as Tai Chi) is an ancient Chinese martial art based on harmony and balance. Ancient teachings hold that that the universe was comprised of dynamic, interrelated energies; full/empty, male/female, hot/cold etc.  These energies, known as chi (or life force), circulate in all living organisms. When the circulation of chi is blocked, through stress, injury, poor diet and other interferences, health is diminished.  The practice of Tai Chi helps in the smooth and unimpeded circulation of chi. By bringing these energies into balance, and bringing oneself into balance with them, health and well being can be restored.  Acupuncture, Qigong and Tui Na are based on this same philosophy.

Tai Chi students learn a series of connected martial movements known as the Tai Chi Form. The Form is performed in a slow, balanced, relaxed manner, initiated by the practitioner’s intention which in turn stimulates the chi and initiates movement.

Tai Chi has been described as a method of self cultivation, a way of improving one’s health, a martial art, a physical/mental/spiritual practice, etc. It is all of these and more. We invite you to join us and explore the world of Tai Chi.

I was drawn to Tai Chi due to its health and meditative aspects. Through the practice I have received many of the benefits that I was seeking and more. Most importantly, I learned that Tai Chi impacts and integrates all aspects of one’s life. One gets a feeling of swimming with the current rather than against it.

Steve Plotkin, Instructor